The Benefits of Using a Qualified Travel Agent

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Cruise travel agents are dedicated to their specific niche of the tourism industry. Most of them have traveled the open sea extensively and have worked with all the major names in the industry. They have direct contacts and can get the answers to incoming questions fast in the case they don’t have those answers handy already. These are some of the questions cruise travel agents are most frequently asked about:

Q) Is it true that the bigger the ship, the  more expensive the vacation will be?
A) Actually, this is a myth. All the big names offer discounted rates and 미국배송대행 special offers throughout the year, so it’s a good idea to do your research before settling on a specific company. You may find that a large ship is offering a promotional rate that is lower than its smaller competitors.

Q) Cruises only visit the Caribbean, right?
A) Actually, passengers can choose from destinations around the world! Some cruise lines take guests to the Caribbean, while others visit Alaska, Central America, Europe, or a number of other destinations.

Q) Do I need a passport?
A) This depends on the itinerary for your trip. There are lots of options that visit only places that do not require U.S. Citizens to have a passport. Some stop in Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, or the Northern Mariana Islands. All of these destinations offer a tropical retreat and unique experience–no passport required!

Q) Won’t I get bored on the ship?
A) First-time passengers are usually shocked at the amount of activity happening on board. With 24-hour food and entertainment options, it’s nearly impossible to get bored! Some guests even choose to skip shore excursions and stay on the ship around the clock so that they can explore every nook and cranny. Some popular amenities featured on most ships include pools, a movie theater, buffet dining, upscale restaurants, a surfing simulator, rock climbing wall, kiddie play center, workout center, and many more.

Q) Will I get seasick?
A) Due to the large size of the ships, passengers rarely get sick onboard. In the rare event that someone feels unwell, staff members have plenty of treatment options available and can help you feel better in no time.

Q) What do passengers do when I arrive at a port?
A) Passengers are free to choose all of their activities. Cruise travel agents can help you plan your port stops ahead of time if you’re eager to fit in shore activities. There are many organized tours to choose from, including activities like SCUBA diving, tours of ancient ruins, excursions to national parks, horseback riding tours, or a number of other options. You can also choose to disembark the ship and explore the port area for yourself. It is common to see local vendors selling their goods in the nearby area, whether at outdoor m

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