Naruto Spoilers

Naruto Spoilers, you really do either love them or hate them and its the same with any other manga.

The worst thing ever is coming across a spoiler by accident, the day before you read the latest chapter. Actually, the worst thing ever might be for an anime watcher turned manga reader coming across a spoiler when you have only just started reading the manga, and the spoiler happens 400 chapters later! Been there.

On the other hand, it could be the best doujin thing ever, if you’re the type of person that cannot wait for the real thing to come out.

Manga spoilers these days are not readily available from a large number of sources. There may only actually be a handful of J-Citizens out there that inform the Western manga community of the ongoings, as the manga is released in stores weekly in Japan of course. When the actual thing is released, the chapter then gets thrown into the otaku production like, scanned by a faithful Japanese citizen and then uploaded to be translated into English by their Western colleagues. During this period, the ‘professional’ groups have different members assigned to different roles i.e. a scanner, a mopper and translator (or two). Collectively, this is known as a scanliation group, smart eh? The mopper by the way, edits th

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