How to Advertise on Facebook Effectively

What is the Facebook Virus? It’s a fake password change prompt, a fake view video/photo link, or a spammy wall post. Hackers make millions of dollars by getting users of Facebook to download what appears as legitimate videos or photos, and end up infecting their entire system, as well as taking over their Facebook profile. The most newsworthy Facebook virus of the past was the Koobface virus. This devastation crashed PCs worldwide, and spread itself to the walls and private messages of friends on your list.

What is the Facebook/Koobface Virus?

The Koobface virus targets social networks, mainly kuyhaa idm MySpace and Facebook. It creates a fake spam message with a link to a download. When a user clicks the link, they download what appears as a flash video, but infects their system, instead. The virus aims for security holes in a user’s PC and installs Trojan software. From this point on, you will receive spam e-mails, wall posts, and messages, and will send this spam to your friends and family automatically.

How do I Remove the Facebook Virus?

Removing the Facebook virus can be done manually or automatically. First you must terminate the ‘fbtre6.exe’ and ‘mstre6.exe’ processes that are running. Next you have to go into the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and HKEY_CURRENT_USER registry folders, and delete the entries with the same name as above. Finally, you will have to delete the ‘fbtre6.exe’ and ‘fmark2.dat’ files in your Windows folder.

CAUTION! You must be very careful when editing your system’s registry. A single error can result in big costs to have a technician fix your computer, normally costing $100-300 dollars.

I suggest automatic removal. It will seek out the Koobface virus and every other virus or spyware file hiding in your system. It’s quick, it’s cheap, and it protects your computer against future viruses. If you ever click on a strange link, it will warn you and protect you.


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