Choose web hosting

Choosing a web hosting is an important step in creating a website. All of your web resource functions depend on this choice.

All hosting providers are divided into two large groups: free web hosts and distributed.
In the first place, let me say that many free web hosting providers are not absolutely free, i.e. In return for their services, they can find their ads on your website.

If your website is a page page that contains your personal information or small web resources where you share information about a particular topic, Digital Marketing free web hosting is likely to be enough for you. If your website is a portal information, service, or company website, you must definitely use a shared web hosting service.

The difference between shared web hosting and free

As mentioned above, very often free web hosts include their ads in the form of banners or pop-ups. Visitors to your website will not be happy with it because many are known that advertising is annoying, especially the pop-up. Therefore, if your goal is to draw an audience that is willing to visit your website regularly, come back again and again in a day, a week, a month and not only turn off your resources in 5 seconds after entering your first page, then select hosting Without ads.

What’s more, with free web hosts, you can only expect domains like Such domains will not affect the reputation of your website positively; It will harm the image more, especially if it is a company website.

“Why does the picture not load?” -Support service will give you answers to such questions. It is needed to have one because good service support really speeds up the problem solving process. 90% of shared web hosting providers have adequate service support and only 10% of free web hosting providers have it.

Not every free hosting can boast services such as their own CGI-bin directory, or Perl support, PHP, MySQL, Cron, SSH, Telnet, and many others. And even if now your web resources don’t need any of these, such needs may appear in the future closest to the growth of your website. With time you will also need more disk space. Free web hosts usually give you 1-100MB when a shared web host provides 1-5000MB for your website.

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