Buy Local When Choosing a Solar Installer or Contractor

I am sure you have heard words, “buy local,” when referring to food planted locally. This motto can be transferred to all other items and services. Locally owned businesses are more likely to generate income, work, and tax revenues for certain communities for generations.

As an adoption for a growing solar energy system, your choice to choose a solar panel installer increases. I want to first describe the main types of solar installers and then talk about why it makes sense to contract from the local solar panel installer.

1. Manufacturer of solar panels – their Panels Newcastle business is mainly a manufacturing panel, but they also submitted on a utility scale photovoltaic project. Solar panel manufacturers are very suitable for larger projects because they can provide panels directly and eliminate intermediaries, reduce the cost of the overall system.

2. National Solar Installers – National players usually operate in various countries throughout the country, with many of their national headquarters in California. National solar installers tend to handle the largest installation volume per year.

3. The solar installer owned by regional or local – this group specializes only in solar installations for certain local areas which are usually appointed by the state.

4. Other Contractors – The largest solar contractor group is those who offer solar panel installations as part of their portfolio, but specialize in something else – many electric people, roofs, doors and general contractors, or general contractors.

Why buy a local?

Local contractors are better acquainted with local weather conditions and how to design the system in accordance with these requirements.
PV installers based in your area will be more familiar with regional licensing rules and electrical codes reduce design errors, speed up time for installation, and provide the best overall service.
Statistics show that buying from an independent business, owned locally, than the nationally owned business, will embed three times more money in your region’s economy, strengthening the economic foundation of your community.
Locally owned contractors tend to make more local purchases that require less transportation. This reduces congestion and emissions related to transportation.
Hire a small business locally and will support the green work where you live.
Local installers will help you maximize incentives for your solar projects because they have greater awareness of different rebates, tax credits and exceptions, loan programs, SREC, etc.

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