Air electric heater energy saving

How does air electric heater energy saving? Let’s talk about it. The demand of the desulfurization project of the power plant is added, and the power of the air electric heater is added, some up to 400kW. The electricity energy is high, the cost is high, and it is necessary to think from the following aspects, try to decline. First, reasonable depiction of the air volume and temperature rise. The power of the air electric heater is based on the air volume and the temperature rise, and the air volume, the temperature rise has met the demand. It is not advisable to use too much air volume, too much temperature rise, due to electric space heaters excessive air volume, temperature rise, direct The heater has excessive power, adding energy consumption. Everglar fortune, temperature rise is not necessary. To summarize, reasonably depict, determine the appropriate parameters. Second, the outer table of the air electric heater should be added to the insulation layer. Duver Power Plant (Owner) When using air electric heater, only the pipeline exit of the electric heater is incubated, and the outer table of the electric heater itself does not make any insulation disposal. The data indicates that the insulation layer can be added to the external table of the electric heater, and the energy consumption is 5% to 10%, which is operated, and the energy consumption of energy is considerable, the power plant (owner) should be installed on the pipeline Together, the air electric heater is applied to the insulation layer. Third, the pressure loss of the falling air electric heater itself is lost. The air is heated, and the compression is diagnosed when flowing through the air electroelectric heater. The larger the compression, the greater the energy consumption of the fan, and should be improved and different from the layout of the air electric heater itself. In summary, the energy saving of the air electric heater is the case, I hope to help you, if you have other questions, you can call the company, we will answer your questions.

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